March 10, 2019/by Dave Macaulay

MakeWebGames forums

Everyone has their stories about how they got into programming, many through various degrees or other qualifications and many hobbyists who found a passion and ended up finding a career in it. My story is very much the later and it all started with a forum called MakeWebGames. I joined this forum when I was incredibly young, around 12 years old, and started learning awful PHP practices through various game engines.

Back then it was actually under a completely different name and different management, throughout my childhood it changed hands, migrated to new software, constantly went down, but I'd always go back to interact with the community and enhance the various games I ran.

Sadly a few years ago the forum that started my career and enabled me to be where I am today went offline, the old owner had no real intention of bringing it back so sadly it was gone forever, or so I thought.

 A new beginning

The owner was a good friend of mine and I decided to get in contact regarding the forums, managing to convince him to handover the forums to me and I went to work migrating all the content over to Invision Power Suite (who have amazing support, I can't recommend them enough).

With that I'm very excited to announce the old forums are back in their former glory in an even better state then before. If you have a passion for programming and are interested in text based games please do come along and check out the forums.

You're more than welcome to come check out the forums and get involved if you're interested in the subject:

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