These thoughts were once in my head, now they're on the internet.

How to increase comfort while flying

Flying for the first time or frequently flying can trigger lots of different and conflicting emotions, excitement, fear, happiness and panic, to name a few. Working remotely in Barcelona while leading a team in Austin, TX showed me the real perils of a frequent flyer lifestyle.

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My top 5 tips while attending Magento Imagine

We're rapidly approaching the event of the year, Magento Imagine. It's a fantastic conference with such great energy and content that I love having the opportunity to attend again this year!

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The easiest way to install Magento 2 on macOS using Valet+

Setting up Magento 2 can be pretty painful for several different reasons; however, it doesn't have to be. There's a great tool by the guys over at WeProvide that enables anyone developing on macOS to quickly set up a blazing fast Magento 2 instance on their local machine.

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How to use TypeScript & ES6 in your Magento module using Babel

I love new tech, I always want to be use the newest syntaxes and tools to improve my developer experience and work. I was introduced to TypeScript and I fell in love with the concept and how this could vastly improve large scale JavaScript projects.

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New website, new me

If you actively visited my website you'll have noticed it had not been updated in a very long time. I used to make an active effort to keep the content fresh along with trying to publish helpful information to my blog whilst working at my previous job, Gene Commerce.

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Data schema

This is a data schema stub for Gatsby.js and is not used. It must exist for builds to function

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