I’ve always bounced between hosts as my needs have changed. When I was running a few large sites with decent traffic I was hosting everything on Virtual Servers from a variety of suppliers, soon after I started my job and I only really needed to host my portfolio and a couple of other landing pages I realized the cost for those servers was very high for the small amount of content and traffic I needed.

Looked online at decent, yet cost effective hosts and I found an offer from StableHost for a years worth of hosting for $22.71 for 1GB of data and unlimited add-on domains. I’m used to signing up to those Unlimited plans offered by the huge hosts, but they tend to have awful reviews and poor customer support. This was directly in contrast to the flood of positive reviews I found online about StableHost.

Throughout my whole time with them I’ve ran into a number of issues and they’ve always been more then happy to support me along the way, even when it was one of my scripts eating up server resources. This is coupled with them always replying to my tickets within an hour. Every time.

I have to mention my request to transfer me to an EU server as I realised my ping times where rather high from the UK. They did this without fuss within a couple of hours, no extra changes and nothing to be changed on my side. Another instance of their overly helpful support.

All of this is coupled directly with great uptime, I’ve not had a single instance of unplanned downtime whilst I’ve been with StableHost which ranks very highly with me.

I plan to stick with StableHost for all of my shared hosting needs for a long time and would highly suggest them to anyone who needs an easy, scalable hosting solution.

Check out their site here!

Dave Macaulay
Dave Macaulay
I'm an enthusiastic, slightly eccentric Magento developer who bores with the idea of another basic brief.