After being up for an incredibly long time is now taken offline as the software I was using is buggy and has caused issues for myself and my customers. You’re still able to purchase both the systems which were placed on the store via the following links:

Ajax Cart Donation System:

Ajax Gang/Channel Chat System

Purchasing from the McCodes store will give you an instant download option on both systems. 

Both of these systems will soon become obsolete once they’re converted to support my new framework called Milk. Once this update has happened all previous customers will be able to upgrade to the newer systems at a heavily discounted rate. Both systems will contain a host of new features to warrant the upgrade cost.

If you need support with a previous purchase or anything to do with my systems please use my contact page to get in touch.

Dave Macaulay
Dave Macaulay
I'm an enthusiastic, slightly eccentric Magento developer who bores with the idea of another basic brief.