I’m always keen to keep an eye on what Apple are doing with their products, so naturally when they announced Apple Pay for web I was excited to see how this could be applied into Magento. After being kindly invited to the beta of Braintree’s implementation of Apple Pay I aligned these with Magento to see if there was a potential to have Magento accept Apple Pay payments without the need for a dedicated iOS app.

We already had a solid foundation with our Gene_Braintree module for Magento 1, so it was a natural progression for us to build Apple Pay support into the extension.

This also meant we were able to take the base of our PayPal express work and build an incredibly smooth Apple Pay Express feature, this means your customer can make impulse buys quickly from the product page and have their address, shipping methods & payment details all pulled from their iCloud account via Apple Pay.

See it in action:

It’s all well and good discussing how great this is, but when you see how seamless it is to get your customers to the success page you’ll wonder why you don’t have Apple Pay already.

Live demo:

You can see the functionality live now on Protein World & Issette. Simply visit a product page to use the express functionality, or head into the checkout to see it function as a standard payment method.

If you’re wanting to see the power of Apple Pay away from Magento pick up a compatible device and head to our extension page, where you’re able to purchase our Apple Pay extension using Apple Pay. You can use the banner above or below! (it’s brilliant, trust me)


Dave Macaulay
Dave Macaulay
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